Thursday, May 20, 2010

Released Free version of Dr Droid

I just released a free version of Dr Droid, using AdMob advertising. It should be available for Android phones with 1.6 and above. Make sure to support continued development!


  1. I'd like to try Dr. Droid, but as a "protected" app on the Android Market, it's locked out from my phone because I'm using an updated Firmware.

    It's unfortunate, but Google's "protected" option locks out anyone who doesn't have a firmware that's on Google's list. That includes any new phones that aren't on the list, plus any rooted or other firmwares (I have a Samsung Galaxy Spica running Android 2.1, because Rogers here in Canada is taking forever to officially update these phones).

    I understand the desire to avoid piracy, but it's not allowing many of us legit customers from even trying your game.

    I wrote a blog post on the subject here:

  2. Rog,

    I have disabled the copy protection for the free versions.