Friday, November 5, 2010

Car Tunes Beta Now Available on Android Market

A few weeks ago, Car Tunes Beta was released to the Android Market as both a paid and free ad-supported version.  Car Tunes is a "near hands free" music player designed for in-car use. Combines voice search & gesture controls so that you have full control of your music while driving yet your eyes never have to leave the road. Integrates with Google's Car Home for easy access from a car dock. Works great outside of vehicles/automobiles too!


  1. Awesome. Interface on car tunes. I would like an option for a daytime color scheme, the blue is hard to read in bright light.

    The voice search is problematic. I would suggest that when the search fails. You try resubmitting each word or combinations. For example, I can't get it to recognize blood, sweat and tears, but just sweat works. (I'm assuming the voice system returns the string to you).

    Is there anyway you could replace the built in song app on the car dock? (Droid x here).

  2. Hi,

    software is a good starting point, but there are a few things to be addressed. First, the library should be accessible in its entirety. I'm aware of the infinite playlist, but only a few songs are visible at one time. Also, I would like quick access to a podcast playlist that I've created. The library access is nice, but not while I'm in the car.

    I would pay for the app, if it were a bit more usable.

  3. I like the app but I've had a few weird issues with it (I'm using the paid version on a Droid 2 Global -- Android 2.2).

    1) After using it, I have had several occasions where Voice Command over Bluetooth simply quits working til I reboot the phone).

    2) When paused (and locked), it will sometimes unpause and start playing music for no obvious reason (i.e. in my pocket and still locked -- it just unpauses).

    Now, for a few suggested improvements...
    1) Add a lock screen app (to allow control with screen locked). Not asking for much, I know...

    2) This one should be easy - add an option to disable the diagonal swipes/buttons on the main screen (or make them require a touch and HOLD to enable/disable). I am forever doing swipes while driving to change songs and often inadvertently hit shuffle or infinite playlist).

    3) Have an option to keep the large centered wheel even in horizontal mode -- or preferably to LOCK the display in the vertical mode regardless (for this app only). If my phone is laying in the car seat I don't want to have to look at it to see which way to swipe (and I've noticed the accelerometer will sometimes switch the phone orientation when I go around a curve or similar).

    4) In conjunction with #3, add the option to completely disable/hide the song position bar (or still show it, just make it non-touchable). When doing "blind swipes" while driving, I don't want to have to worry about hitting it rather than the center part (which I have before -- especially in horizontal orientation).

    Overall though, I love the app and would happily pay even more for it with a few upgrades!

  4. Great work on the app. Really impressed with how easy it is to use, seems perfectly suited to me!

    I just lost my previous attempt at a comment so I'll be brief. The voice search is a great feature, but in my state regulations forbid touching a phone at all when driving. I'd really like a way to trigger the voice search via bluetooth remote (i.e. handsfree kit), perhaps by holding down the play button briefly.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Dark blue text on a black background is sometime very hard to read, How about a wat to change the color scheme?


  6. i really dig this app... couple things i'd like:

    1. should pause when i change sources (ie undock from my car dock with my atrix)

    2. i agree with the others on the color scheme

    3. i'd like to see other songs by the artist quickly... maybe a long press on the album art to get a list or something, or some other gesture

    4. scrobbling ( a quick search reveals a number of apis ("android scrobbling api")

    thanks so much and keep up the great work!


  7. Great app... but there's a problem on my Motorola ATRIX... the app doesn't fill the screen. My lower quarter screen is black... ATRIX screen resolution too high? I'm not a developer but there's no way to just make it stretch and fill any screen without fixing the app res?

  8. I think I would really like this app, but once installed it completely "hijacked" the bluetooth headset controls from other apps, such as my podcast app, even when the other app was active. this is a deal-breaker for me, had to uninstall. I will watch this app, however, and if you provide an option to manage the bluetooth controls better I'll be back.

  9. The app is really nice. I have two wishes. The font of the notification in the the notification pulldown of android is extremely dark and can hardly be seen on the dark background. Colour should be much brighter or selectable. I would appreciate the album and song name to be displayed always/consistently in rows, first row album, second row song (and of course on the very top the artist as is now), instead of shifting in one row temporarily between album and song. Many thanks anyway.

  10. Hi
    I've just started using your app. Looks good for me :)

    1 suggestion from me - viewing tracks on the playlist.

    Library -> Playlists tab -> [click on my play list].
    Then I can see a list of song on my I've added to my playlist. But ... it would be great for me to see not a whole list of all songs but list of what I've added. For example: If I've added 3 albums then I wold like to see those 3 albums added by my - not a list of all songs from those albums.

    Take care and thank you for the app! :)

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  12. Hi, I was using the lite version and tried to upgrade to the full version, but got error 941 when trying to download it. refund didn't work either. I rebooted and tried again with no luck. I'm out $4. Help

  13. Hi,

    Great app.. Thank you. I have the paid version. However having issues with the equalizer.
    The equalizer seems have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
    Also, at times, maybe 2-3 times I've seen more then the 5 band equalizer usually displayed.

    Please correct. I hate the feeling of paying for something that's not fully functional

    Thank you..

  14. Hello Henry,

    It would be really nice if I could select seperate folders for example; A jazz folder, Christmas folder etc..
    Please consider this

  15. Hello I have a Kogan Agora that has an internal sd that is called sd0 but is only 4 gig I have an external 16gig card that shows as sd1 , car tunes will only see sd0 can I change the path to sd1?

  16. I'll love the eyes-free control for my Android car stereo unit, but like the above poster, I have very limited space on the internal "SD Card" which is all this player can see.
    Any possibility of browsing to other directories?

  17. Hi ,
    I appreciate the attempt to ease the music browsing experience through simple gestures. But for the voice activation you are asking the users to perform 2 actions ( swipe to activate and then speak command) . every time i need to do these 2 steps for a voice control.
    A full time voice control with simple commands for play , next, previous and stop should be present.
    Would be more than willing to buy it then , not just buy it myself but would make all my friends to but it too..
    Looking forward for the integration.